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4 Books your Black son NEEDS to read.

  1. Black America Inc: A Trillion dollar Nation.


          This book is important because it sets the record STRAIGHT about whether or not “The solution is out here”. The author A R. Morton gives specific details on the way black people can empower ourselves, step by step (CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO BUY)

2. Powernomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America


The only reason I put this book second and not first is because I believe its a book that a child may not completely comprehend until he or she is a little older. But to me, it’s the MOST important one on the list (CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO BUY)

3. Stolen Legacy


This book is important for your black child’s self esteem. It not only explains how we were the original philosophers, but also points out how advanced of a society North Africa was. George M. James breaks down the history of our genius dating back thousands of years. Don’t let your believe that his only heritage is being a servant to ytpipo (CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO BUY)

4. Message to the Black Man


Few words are needed for this one. This is the one that will wake your son up. (CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO BUY)