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Why you should be paying attention to Distrokid’s new social media network “”.

By Shane A. – Legit Taste Records

How “” (distrokid’s new music social media network) could end up being one of the last “social” platforms left standing.

Slaps .com is the sound cloud style social media platform built on top of Distrokid. Here’s why I think its gonna matter in the next 5 years:

1. Attention

  • The attention on a lot of true social media sites (Instagram, twitter) is fleeting, especially when it comes to promoting music. When twitter first became popular around 2009-10, there weren’t many artists promoting their music. In fact when I released my mixtape “Desperate Decapitation”, I was able to gather A LOT of support from people I had never met, simply because the demand for fresh new music on a newly popular platform (similar to how “Tik Tok” is today for new music.). Aside from that I’ve watched artists like Curren$y, Wiz khalifa and Dom kennedy build up their fan bases (and tour the world) in the most organic way. The basic rule of supply and demand applies with any platform. Once everyone’s promoting their own music (or even worse, their friends music who they don’t listen to but are trying to get you to listen to) the chances of your music getting heard become slim to none.
  • I believe could be the next Twitter 2009-10 (as far as promoting music just based on the lack of volume alone in its early stage.

2. Niche, Niche, Niche

  • Time to state the obvious advantage the platform has: Demographic. Not only is the platform built on top of one of the distribution platforms in the world, but it’s used by the most important target audience: A&Rs and executives.
  • Music men will be on this platform SPECIFICALLY to listen to music, especially if they’re already utilizing distrokid’s platform.

3. Quality of the User

  • One of the problems we have with modern social media sites (Instagram, twitter, etc) is that there’s a lot of “noise” noise is usually in the form of the spam accounts and burner accounts from trolls and “over-advertisers” as I like to call them. Because the users on are mainly gonna be paying monthly users of distrokid, they’ll be significantly less of this noise.
  • The amount of artists and executives on this new platform will allow connecting and getting feedback on your work to happen quicker than ever.