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No particular order.

  1.  Series Of Unfortunate Events:

Based on the famous book, this Netflix original show is creatively directed, and stars Neil Patrick Harris, who does a phenomenal job. Season two premieres on March 30th.

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2. Love

40 year old Virgin‘s Judd Adapatow, brings you a Superbad style romantic comedy in series form. If you are into relationship comedy, its the best thing you can watch right now.  They’re on season 3 right now.

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3. Into The Badlands

The AMC original series is probably the best show on the channel since Breaking Bad. The dramatic post apocalyptic series caught my attention as quickly as episode 1.  Season 2 just dropped on Netflix.

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4. TrollHunters 

Think Jimmy Neutron….on steroids. Seriously the best animated series I’ve seen in a while. Clearly worth the watch since it already got approved for season 3.

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5. Limitless

Based on the movie, I wanted to hate it, but it was too good for me to.

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Jason Bateman stars in the edgey drama comedy, I’m on the edge of my seat for the next season.

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7.  Devilman Crybaby

If you’re into twisted creepy anime….this ones for you.

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8. Jessica Jones

Probably the best Marvel show on Netflix (Yes there’s that many on there that that statement means something. Season 2 is out now.

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9. Narcos 

I Look at this as more of a very very interesting docu-series. Learn the history of Pablo Escobar in a very entertaining way.  On its 3rd season.

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10. The People vs. OJ Simpson

I’ve watched this two or three times. If you haven’t already caught it on FX. Watch it ASAP. ‘I’m not black I’m OJ.’

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